Another Mommy Fail

As I am frantically throwing the kids in the car this morning in an effort to get to work on time, Harper stops me, whining a little (who has time for whining I the morning?), “Momma, my black thing is gone”, referring to the soft pad that fits in the seat of her chair (aka car seat). “Baby, I will find it and put it back this evening.”…

Fast forward about 10 minutes. We are halfway to school.

I look in my rearview mirror and all I see is Harper’s chest. Hmm, that’s weird! Wait! Then is hits me…

The rearview mirror was focused on Aniston’s face yesterday.

Yep! I just did that. I put Aniston in Harper’s chair, and Harper in Aniston’s. Oh dear!!

BUT, when I told Harper last night that I hoped she had the best birthday ever, she assured me that she did. So there! Phewey on the minor details. My girls are happy.

Disclaimer: They are also safe. The seats are nearly identical and there is only a 5lb difference between the girls.

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