The End of an Era- My Baby Turns Two

Today, my Forever Baby turns two. Which means that technically, I no longer have a “baby”.  And that’s a tough pill to swallow.

Two years ago, Aaron and I welcomed our second sweet girl into this big, crazy world. We had no idea the impact that little soul would have on us all, how she would single-handedly change the dynamics of our little family. Aniston Paige, Happy Face, A Train, she has every single one of us wrapped around that ever growing little finger of hers. It’s pretty pathetic actually.

Aniston is full of light, full of life, and full of A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E. Feisty is an understatement. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just thought I had this Momma-ing thing down after Harper. Surprise! Exactly. Aniston is full of those too.

Aniston has her Daddy’s charisma and to this day, has not met a stranger. She is joyful, and rambunxios, and snuggly. Her volume, another thing she gets from her Dad. She is turned all the way up all the time. Her energy, her determination, her inability to sit still, that she gets from yours truly. She is the one corralling the team, “Let’s go!” No patience. Again, guilty as charged.

Aniston is Harper’s best friend. Their love for each other is undeniable. God knew what he was doing putting those two together; but then, God always knows what he is doing.

Today feels like the end of an era. I’ve had a “baby” in my arms for the past four years. Having my babies is how I came to know myself. They gave me the confidence that I always lacked and often times overcompensated for. Becoming a Momma was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. My “babies” provided me with a sense of belonging and stability that I had never really felt before. They didn’t ask for the responsibility, but they unknowingly and effortlessly allowed me to feel complete peace, with myself, with my life, for the first time ever. If I fail a million times from now until the end, I will still have accomplished more than I ever deserve because of their mere existence.

The thought often times creeps in…’Have another.’ ‘You love being pregnant.’ ‘You love having a tiny.’ And I most certainly do. But I have also reluctantly accepted the fact that I am not SuperMom. I know my limits, and after taking my sanity (which I’m particularly fond of) into consideration and regaining a bit of freedom which has allowed my “dating” life with my handsome husband to heat up, today my limit is two. As a matter of fact, today is the end of an era.

But if I know two things about life, it’s this:

Never say never.


Don’t hold your breath.

Happy Birthday Aniston Paige!! Mommy loves you to the moon and back a million times.







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