I Don’t Always Smile

I don’t always smile…

My smile is not the result of a perfect life, but a blessed life.

Aaron woke me in a frantic this morning…”Tess-its 7:10am!” 7:10am?!?


That left me exactly 20 minutes to dress myself, and two girls, pack a breakfast, lunch, and two snacks, give medicine, and get out the door. Needless to say, mass chaos ensued. I sent Harper to school in tennis shoes and no socks because she wanted to let her feet feel the warm air and I didn’t have time to argue. I’m pretty sure the rat’s nest that is my hair isn’t work appropriate, and Aniston may or may not match- I honestly don’t remember. But we did it!

Not a perfect morning. But I got to kiss my husband, and squeeze my babies, and we smiled at each other as we parted ways…


I don’t smile because life is easy. I smile because life is fun!

I don’t smile because I have lots of money, but because I have enough; not because I have a grand house, but because we have a home.

I smile because when I want to cry, or scream, I have friends that make me laugh. Really laugh!

I smile because my husband loves me…really loves me. He must…because like I said, I don’t always smile.

And The Babes, they make me smile. A lot! And on occasion they make me want to scream, and then my friends make me laugh.

See?!  Blessed.

My house is a wreck. My car even worse. My toddler is two (you know what that means). We are late everywhere. I lose my patience. I’m not perfect. My life is not perfect.

I smile because I am blessed.

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