An Addicting Compliment- The Drug of Choice

I just read an interesting article about Artisan Parenting, referring to Momma-ing as a competitive sport. Sounds about right! With Pinterest, and Facebook, and Instagram; social media has added a tremendous amount of pressure to an already demanding the most demanding of jobs. When did we start using these platforms as make-shift Mommy resumes? And why?! And who is really keeping score?

I am not a Pinterest mom. I like to say it’s because I don’t have the time. Maybe it’s because I don’t like to bake. Or cook from scratch. Or make messes that I will then have to clean-up. All I know is that it stresses me out. It makes me want to spend money I don’t have and it makes me compare myself to other Moms with more time and even more creativity. Instead, we go for walks, or color (in coloring books), or read books (a lot of books), or go to the zoo, or the park, or have tickle wars, or throw a ball, or build forts, or play dress-up, or dance, or snuggle. See…nowhere near Pinterest worthy. And somehow I have a feeling that if you asked The Babes who the best Mom in the world is, they would say ‘Yours Truly’- Simple Mom. Not because it’s true. But because I am their Mom and they love me. Those girls really love me. They really really do. It takes my breath away when I think about those two little people who need me, who want me; to hug them, and kiss them “just one more time”.

But I must confess; I have found myself (on occasion) competing in the sport of Momma-ing, where the winner is draped with a sash announcing the ultimate (or maybe not so ultimate) title of “Super Mom”. The game left me exhausted, anxious, often in tears with absolutely no energy left for the man who without I wouldn’t even be a Mom. That is when I gave up on Super Mom, reprioritized and decided that I would rather be Silly Mom, or Joyful Mom, or Healthy Mom, and let’s not forget At-least Half-Way Decent Wife.

If being Super Mom comes easy to you, that is fantastic! It really is. But for those Mommas out there that are more like me; simple- you are fantastic too! Just ask your babies, they’ve got my back. I promise.

Super Mom. The addicting compliment. And many Mommas’ drug of choice. It makes you feel good. So you do more. You may be dog tired, but you do more. Super Mom. Ahhh. Feels good. Do more. Super Mom. It’s a vicious cycle…

I’m not a betting gal, but if I was, I would bet the house on the fact that your kids have never-ever called you that…Super Mom. “Mom.” “Mommy.” “Momma.” “Tessa”, maybe. But not once, Super Mom. Am I right?!

So I ask again, ‘Who is keeping score?’ Because if it’s not our babies (**hint-it’s NOT**) then is the prize really worth it?

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