A little motherly advice for my darlings.

My girlfriends are some of my greatest blessings. And many are some of my oldest (blessings). I cannot stress enough how important and how significant they are in my life…to my life. Most of my girlfriends knew me when I wasn’t “Mommy” or “Wife”, but just Tessa (or Tizzle, or Teazer-Ha!)… They have stuck by me through life’s greatest transitions, seen me make my biggest mistakes. They have coached me and counseled me and cheered me on when I was certain I couldn’t finish the race or when my heart hurt so much I couldn’t move. They have been my prayer warriors, fighting my fight when I hadn’t an ounce of fight left. They make me laugh (**understatement**); we more than laugh…at nothing and at everything. I recently enjoyed a perfect weekend away (30 miles away, but it was still perfect) with my girlfriends. We literally laughed so hard and for so long that we were still sitting at our breakfast table drinking coffee, laughing, when others around us began ordering lunch. Therapy. My girlfriends are my soul-mates. Soul-sisters. They know it all and love me the same.

Girlfriends, sound familiar? “ Remember when…(followed by something really stupid- take your pick).”

Girlfriends are worth the investment. Invest your time and your love. Because the older you get, the more difficult they are to find, and the more important they become.

Trust me, you will want someone who shares the memories of your youth. Someone who knew you when you mistakenly dyed your hair some extremely vibrant (nearly glow-in-the-dark) shade of purple, because it’s funny…now. You will need a shoulder to cry other than your husbands, because one day he may be the cause of your tears. You will want someone to help pick out your wedding dress and stand beside you on your special day; someone who years later can remind you of the minor details that you had nearly forgotten. You will need advice on breast pumps and sleep training and swaddling techniques. You will need a break. From it all. At least once. And your girlfriends will be there to inject a little peace into your chaotic world. Your girlfriends will remind you of how blessed you are, for many reasons…and they won’t even consider that they are one of them.

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