Dear Stay-at-Home-Momma

Dear Stay-at-Home Mom,

What you do is amazing! It’s selfless, and exhausting, and thankless, and only the most rewarding job in the world. Am I right?! Then why, please tell me why, you constantly feel the need to remind the rest of us how hard you have it. And how easy those of us that work outside of the home have it?!

Is this just another battle in the ‘Mommy War’? If so, I’m waving the white flag. Please make it stop!

I was in a fairly decent mood this morning. I had managed to get myself ready…for work…two kids ready for school, make breakfast, distribute medication, pack lunches and snacks and dance bags, and kiss my babies goodbye… after nearly 5 years, that part is still painful.

Then I stumble across yet another article written by a stay-at-home mom challenging the rest of the world to be her for a day. She went as far as to say that working outside the home is “easy”. And nicknamed the recipients of her challenge, “Dick”. Really?!

She obviously chose shock-value over sensitivity.

Guess what! WE are moms. It’s never easy. We all have a tremendous amount of responsibility. And believe it or not, we all have piles of laundry, and dishes, and teeth to brush, and floors to mop, and dogs to feed, and groceries to buy, and butts to wipe, and babies that need Momma lovin’, and we all have only 24 hours in our day…and seven days in our week.

By the way, do you know who the true Rockstars are in the Mommyhood??? Single Working Mommas. Step in their shoes for a day!

SAHM, you are a hero! If your husband doesn’t tell you that, shame on him, he should. Because it’s true. And you will never hear me say otherwise. I get it!

Contrary to some beliefs, we working Moms do have entire days we spend with our babies. I call them weekends. And they are the messiest, loudest, busiest, most magical days of my week. I know what you’re thinking…’Weekends. Ha!’ I’ve heard it/read it to many times to count. ‘SAHMs don’t get weekends. It’s a 24 hour job.’ Well, last I checked, I too was a Mom 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, in my 24 hours I miss things like first steps, and words, and class parties, and sometimes I even have to pay someone else to hold my sick baby. Easy?! I tear up even writing that. Yes, maybe I get to sit (on an occasional slow day at the office) in peaceful quiet and sip on a cup of coffee, but it doesn’t come without a very high cost.

Want to talk about guilt?? There is no guilt like that of a working Momma.

So, I would like to call a truce. Let’s make a deal. I’ll pray for you if you’ll pray for me.

And please, when venting or blogging, please be considerate of your audience. I’m sure it’s completely unintentional, but your words cut deep. We working Mommas tend to be quite emotional, and like you we are passionate about our jobs…as Momma.

You are blessed. I am blessed.

One Response to “Dear Stay-at-Home-Momma”
  1. Kimberly H says:

    Amen and AMEN!

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