Sun. Water. Babies.

This past weekend we met up with family for our annual Barnett Family Camp-out. Speaking honestly, I was a little reluctant to participate this year, worried about the well being of my tiny-tots. Both who suffer from allergies and one from asthma and both who started with the coughing and congestion late last week. I bit … Continue reading

4 Months…Already?!?

It’s not that I want to stop time all together, but if there was a way to possibly slow it down…now that I would be interested in. It feels like I have always been the Mommy to two gorgeous girls, yet I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that it has already been … Continue reading

My Best Friend’s Name is Aaron

Happy Five Year Anniversary Sweety. It all started close to 16 years ago… On a debate trip sophomore year in front of everyone, Aaron asked me to be his girlfriend. Aww! I was humiliated! And giddy. And because I had never had a boyfriend before… scared out of my little mind! What does this even … Continue reading

The Girl Who Made Me A Mommy: 28 months Later…

Mini-Me. Silly. Shy. Hesitant. Smart. BIG SISTER. Sassy. Breath-taking. Cuddly. Active. Innocent. Giggly. Independent. The light in her Daddy’s eye. Perfectly Mine. Harper turned two in January and I still have a hard time saying it…”I have a TWO year old.” I realized on that day in 2010 that my life had been changed forever. … Continue reading

Missing In Action

Oh wow! It’s been to long and I feel a tinge of guilt, but I promise I have a good excuse- her name is Aniston Paige Barnett. And she has filled our days with even more love, and even more joy, and even more laughter, which I doubted was even possible. But this little love bug … Continue reading

Labor Day Weekend aka Opening Day

Quite exhausting! Quite enjoyable! Aaron and I loaded up the truck on Friday after work and headed southbound on 35. After 11:00pm we finally reached our destination. Milano, Texas. We had different agendas, but were equally excited. Aaron headed out before 6am to meet friends to go hunting. It was however Opening Weekend! I can’t … Continue reading

Teething- Round 2

Our first round of teething..easy-peasy! This time around…not so much! This picture was taken the morning after a night of tossing and turning and fussing and fever. Harper’s hair is a great representation of how this Mommy felt…A Hot Mess!

And then there were FOUR…

First confession- I am a slacker! I am embarrassed that it has been nearly two months since my last post. I could blame the fact that this summer has been uber busy, because it has been. I could blame the fact that my camera has been dead for over a month and I somehow forget … Continue reading

Making Memories

This past week has been a bit of a whirlwind, but when are they not? This Momma, still fighting an uber obnoxious summer cold recieved blessing after blessing. Officially I guess you would say that my friends recieved blessings, in the form of tiny little hands and feet bundled tightly in baby blue blankets, but when … Continue reading

Love and Blessings Everywhere

Making plans for a weekend out of town requires a strategic expert…another hat we Mommy’s wear with pride. The planning starts a week ahead of time and the packing must be precise. I have recently discovered that the contents in one’s luggage is a direct link to one’s priorities. Take me for instance. A year and a … Continue reading