Girls Weekend…Whoohoo…I need a nap!

We danced like there was no tomorrow! We laughed until our tummies hurt! And we loved like only Mommy and Baby can! With Aaron spending four days in Colorado golfing and attending baseball games (all in effort to support our little family), Harper and I enjoyed a girls weekend. And let me tell you, my girl … Continue reading

The Girl Who Made Me A Mommy

Seventeen months ago today, I was sitting in the hospital bed that in the previous eight days had molded itself around my body, preparing myself for the much anticipated, way to early arrival our our tiny baby girl. I did my best to soak in the last few hours that Aaron and I would have with … Continue reading

A Weekend of Fun in the Oh-So-Hot Sun

We survived!  In desperate need of a day of recovery but for the most part unscathed and blister free. This past weekend Harper participated for the first time in the Barnett Family Annual Camping Trip. We switched it up this year and for the first time the event was held at McKinney State Park, southeast of … Continue reading

"When in doubt, choose the kids…"

Anxious. Excited. Proud. Nervous. Aprehensive. PROUD. Old. Emotional. Today, at 2:30pmCDT my baby sister will be boarding a flight from Austin, TX en route to Europe. As Hunter embarks on what is sure to be one of the most fascinatingly memorable times of her life, I can’t help but feel a tad sentimental. Who am I … Continue reading

Life: A Summary…

I am originally a small town girl  itsy-bitsy-tiny town girl, but have been recently converted. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and after years of honing in on our parenting skills at the expense of our furbabies, Pudge & Lilly, we beamingly welcomed our first child, Harper Reese Barnett, on January 15, … Continue reading