You Can Have a Six Pack or You Can Have A Six Pack…But You Cant Have Both

It’s true what they say, abs are made in the kitchen. If your looking for a tight tummy, 80% of your effort should be spent on clean eating/drinking. You cannot exercise away a bad diet. The thought that ‘Hey, I just ran a mile, I think I’ll treat myself with a cookie.’ will never get … Continue reading

Making It Count: Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

It’s not the hours you put in. It’s what you put in to the hours. As a working Mom, spending hours a day in the gym, or on the trails, or in a class spinning or Zumba-ing just isn’t practical. I have about 35 minutes to get in a workout on my lunch break, leaving … Continue reading

More Than A Pretty Face

I find it alarming that while searching on-line for activities for young girls in the city I live, on the first link that popped up, the only three recommendations were 1) American Girl Place 2) Mokara Spa 3) Enchanted Princess Parties. Seriously? Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this picture? Yes, … Continue reading

I DID IT! Mission Accomplished.

POW!                                       Just one day after professing my desire to successfully hold a plank for three minutes…I DID IT! (Thanks G for pushing me). I may have been seeing stars the last 15 seconds or so but … Continue reading

Monday’s Mission: 3 Minute Plank

I’ve recently been inspired by another Momma over at to complete a Plank-A-Day. This Momma is fit and fierce. She is holding her planks well over three minutes wheras my personal best has been 2:31.3. Proof.                   So my newest mission: Plank. Plank. Plank. Until I too … Continue reading

Eat Clean, Train Dirty, To Play Hard

There are many misconceptions of people who are passionate about fitness and health. The most notable being ‘vanity’. It is sometimes incorrectly assumed that if a woman chooses an active lifestyle that results in a firmer physique, that she must be vain, or conceited, or both. Not true. Not even close to being true. Don’t … Continue reading

Bike, Walk, Run for a Cause: Charity Miles

“The measure of life is not it’s duration, but it’s donation.”- Peter Marshall             I just came across the most amazing free app for iPhone and Android, called Charity Miles. It works off of your phones GPS. Charity Miles logs your biking, walking, running miles and makes monetary donations to a charity of your … Continue reading

Why Be Fit…A Reminder

Because I’m walking around like a zombie, and am craving sugar like it no longer exists… My sweet ‘big’ girl has double pneumonia, causing her to wake in fits that on occasion wake my five month old. Needless to say, I am one tired Momma. I generally contribute my high energy level to my attempt … Continue reading

My Legs Are Champs

Anyone who knows me knows my insecurities with my legs, even if they don’t completely understand it. It probably  stems from the nickname given to me in Jr. High by a still very dear friend…Chicken Legs. As an athlete, I always  dreamt of strong, muscular legs. I wanted it to be obvious. And it seemed until … Continue reading

Child’s Play: A Jump Rope

Babies are unpredictable. Especially at nap time on Saturday’s when I attempt to sneak away for an hour for my much needed date with Cardio. It never fails, 1/2 mile into my run the baby wakes and there I am jumping off the treadmill, running to reinsert her binky, then running back to the treadmill, … Continue reading