Baby Steps to a Healthier You

Take your left foot and place it in front of your right. Now take your right foot and place it in front of your left…baby steps… Change can be scary. Even a good change can be intimidating. But in order to make progress in any aspect of our lives, we must muster up some courage and … Continue reading

What is a Mighty Mom? And What Does Exercise Have to do With It?

Mighty Mom; strong mentally, physically, emotionally. present. nurturing. faithful. dependable. selfless. forgiving. patient. creative. organized. Being a Mom is who I am. It’s the one word that sums me up. ‘Tell me about yourself.’ “I’m a MOM.” God’s intentions were always that I be Mommy to Harper and Aniston Barnett and I thank Him for … Continue reading

A Day of Rest…If I Must

This could also be filed under ‘Confession: I Don’t Rest Easily’. Resting actually makes me a little anxious. This is the reason I get very few pedicures (gross-I know) and color my own hair, because it’s a struggle for me to sit for any length of time without getting squirmish and being consumed by thoughts of what I should … Continue reading

New Arm & Ab Sequence

It only takes 35 minutes to get in a good sweat!  Today, while my workout buddy was being tortured in one of the many group classes offered in our gym, I took the time to try out a new arm/ab sequence. And if the fact that I couldn’t hold my arms up long enough after … Continue reading

My Strength Training Program

Ask and you shall receive…   Recently, I have been getting questions regarding the strength training program that I am on and I love nothing more than sharing and hopefully encouraging others to jump on the health/fitness band-wagon. So here it is…what I like to call the Super Quick-Super Effective-Get In & Get Out-Muscle Exhausting-Mom … Continue reading

Staying Motivated

Summertime. Ahhh! Time to break out the flip-lops, the sundresses (my fave) or if your really brave, the dun-dun-dun…bikinis. These next few months are when most people actually use the gym memberships that they are paying for year round. Well, these next few months and the first few weeks in January when everyone professes their dedication to … Continue reading

Playfully Burning Calories

As a working Mom, I savor every minute I have with my girls and strive to make every second count. I make a habit out of laughing with them and do my best to be engaging. Our schedule is hectic and most of the time we are rushed, meaning that finding time to get in … Continue reading

Women & Weights

Heavy weight, fewer reps??? Lighter weight, more reps??? It’s all so confusing! Until very recently, I refused to curl anything over 8lbs. Women have always been told that lifting heavy weights would add bulk. No offense, but the look I’m after is more Bond Girl rather than James Bond. But after many years and thousands … Continue reading

To Busy. Aren’t we all???

Mom. Wife. Chef. Chauffeur….(if you work outside of the home feel free to insert your job responsibilities here)… I was told of a study recently that calculated the number of hours moms work and the salaries that they would earn if someone actually paid us monetarily for those hours. The study revealed that stay at … Continue reading

Luck vs. Lifestyle

“You are so lucky that you only gained ___lbs with your pregnancy.” You are so lucky that you are already back in your skinny jeans.” I only wish I was that lucky! . Trust me when I say this ladies. It is all about lifestyle. Very few women are “lucky” enough to come by these things naturally … Continue reading