Monday’s Mission: Get Certified

Fitness is my passion. It helps to keep me healthy, and energized, and sane. I love how exercise makes me look and I love how exercise makes me feel. And even more than that, I love sharing any knowledge on the subject with others so that they might be encouraged to feel the same way.  My … Continue reading

Monday’s Mission: A Series of Updates on Successes & Failures

What is the point in publicly announcing your personal goals if you never plan on being held accountable? That is after all why I started ‘Monday’s Mission’. To make others aware of my aspirations, be they big or small, so that someone might check in to make sure that I am following through. So today, … Continue reading

Monday’s Mission: Make Time for God

I love when a Sunday morning sermon speaks straight to my heart, and this was just the case yesterday. While preaching on ‘How to Get Back to Where You Once Were’ (regarding our relationship with God and the fire we have for him in the beginning of our relationship with him), Pastor Steve said this, “The … Continue reading

Monday’s Mission: Speak No Evil

I am always looking to be inspired. And I love when the inspiration comes out of nowhere and slaps me right in the face! While sitting proudly in the bleachers of my high school’s football field watching my baby sister graduate, I received a dose of mom-spiration, and it came from the mouth of a man. … Continue reading

Monday’s Mission: Best Body By October

Once a year my girlfriends and I attempt to get away for some much needed R&R. Now that we all have jobs and families, and the responsibility that that entails, it is only on rare occasions that our schedules align allowing us some much needed girl time. This year we have decided to really treat ourselves, … Continue reading

Monday’s Mission: Take a Chill-Pill

It’s Monday. The day for new beginnings and a fresh start. Time to stop obsessing over the cheesecake you ate on Mother’s Day (I had the low-carb flavor made with Splenda from The Cheesecake Factory, and honestly, it was delish!) or the pile of laundry that has yet to be  tended to.   I tend to … Continue reading