I DID IT! Mission Accomplished.

POW!                                       Just one day after professing my desire to successfully hold a plank for three minutes…I DID IT! (Thanks G for pushing me). I may have been seeing stars the last 15 seconds or so but … Continue reading

You Have To Be Prepared

When we are hungry, we tend to grab whatever is most convenient. That is why when eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle it is important to always have healthy options at arms length. This requires some thoughtful preparation but not more than ten minutes a week of my time. This is what I packed last night … Continue reading

Sneaky. Sneaky Foods.

Who knew it was so easy to take a seemingly healthy salad and convert it to a meal with more calories than are even recommended in a day? Salad dressing, condiments, yes even some chicken can add extremely high amounts of empty calories. Below is a list of foods to avoid, or at least consume … Continue reading

A Healthier, Snackier Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie. Irresistible! There is something about chilled key lime pie in the heat of summer that makes me weak in my knees. In order to save my waistline from serious damage, I had to find a smarter way to satisfy this undeniable craving. So here it is, my Healthier, Snackier Key Lime Pie. … Continue reading

Tricks & Treats: Making Healthy Snacking Fun

In the past three decades the obesity rate among adolescents in the U.S has tripled, resulting in 1 in three kids being overweight or clinically obese. As a Mom and as an American, I find this statistic very alarming. This means an increase in heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood pressure. What does this … Continue reading

Fats: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Fat-Free = Healthy…NOT!! Decoding all of the information provided on a nutrition label can seem to most like deciphering ancient Egyptian drawings. Impossible, right? This is why I have found it easier to feed my family “real food” whenever possible. You know, food found at its most natural state (without a label), fresh veggies, fresh fruit…But it … Continue reading

The Whole Wheat/Whole Grain Revolution

There is a nutrition revolution taking place at Casa de Barnett. It has been like pulling teeth to get my sweet husband on board, but last night, at the dinner table. VICTORY!! Maybe a small victory, but what’s that saying, “you’ve got to win the battles to win the war.” I won a battle. I … Continue reading