About a Boy

  I have a boy. His name is Hudson Grady. And today he is two years old. I prayed for this boy for years. Even before I knew he would be a reality, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. The thought of never holding him broke my heart. My nearest and dearest knew this, … Continue reading

Our Super Girl- Our A Train

Aniston Paige, our Super Girl- our A Train. A Train: A one of a kind creation One with limitless energy, personality and charisma A girl created with the most perfectly magical balance of sugar and spice   It was obvious very early on that Aniston had personality. Her first nick-name was Happy Face- she had … Continue reading

Changing the Trajectory

What if we could change the trajectory of our country in just one generation? What if we had the power to make it one that our babies and their babies would be proud of? Moms. Dads. Aunts. Uncles. Grandparents. WE DO. We have that power. We have all the power and all of the responsibility. … Continue reading

And Then There Were Five…

WOW! The last time I sat down to write, I was a Momma of two. Girls. And 100% certain that was my destiny. And then two weeks later my always wise husband had the greatest idea! “If that is the worst that can happen, (as he smiled a huge smile and pointed to our then … Continue reading

MOM. Fitness Fanatic.

I am a mom-first and foremost. I have two of the most precious little girls, and yes, I am biased. I am a proud Mommy, but I’ve been called worse. Harper is 2 and Aniston is 12weeks. I refer to them as Sweet & Sweeter (they take turns). I am also fortunate/unfortunate enough to be employed … Continue reading