‘Girl Mom’

Never in a million years did I think that my family of four would be anchored by ONE strong man. I was certain that I would have at least two; one big and one much smaller version of the big. But, God saw fit to bless up with girls. And I’ve only recently given up … Continue reading

How The Worst Year Turned Into The Best Life

I grew up in a town of 400 where everyone knew everyone. The teacher’s, many who had also taught our parents, treated us more like nieces and nephews rather than students. Probably because if they weren’t actually our family, they were the family of our best friend or best friends with our family. That’s how … Continue reading

An Addicting Compliment- The Drug of Choice

I just read an interesting article about Artisan Parenting, referring to Momma-ing as a competitive sport. Sounds about right! With Pinterest, and Facebook, and Instagram; social media has added a tremendous amount of pressure to an already demanding the most demanding of jobs. When did we start using these platforms as make-shift Mommy resumes? And … Continue reading

Lessons Learned: Celiac Disease Awareness Month

In honor of Celiac Disease Awareness Month.   It’s been 2.5 months since we received Harper’s diagnosis. WOW! That’s it? It seems like a lifetime ago… Maybe because we have learned so much since then. For instance… Never leave for the grocery store with a low cell-phone battery. And on that note, please stop judging. … Continue reading

(Almost) Happily Ever After

I met my husband in Kindergarten. I have one of his school pictures dated 1986, the backside reads- To Tessa, From Aaron– written in his five year old scribble. We began dating when we were children. Yes, children. An unlikely couple not considering… We’ve been married now for nearly seven years and as strange as it … Continue reading

I Don’t Always Smile

I don’t always smile… My smile is not the result of a perfect life, but a blessed life. Aaron woke me in a frantic this morning…”Tess-its 7:10am!” 7:10am?!? 7:10am. That left me exactly 20 minutes to dress myself, and two girls, pack a breakfast, lunch, and two snacks, give medicine, and get out the door. … Continue reading

Raising Our Celiac Kid

We have officially been gluten-free for a week now. That’s it??? The good news is that we are already seeing improvement in Harper’s symptoms. Her tummy troubles have all but disappeared. And she is once again sleeping through the night. Poor thing was waking up nearly every hour crying, moaning, saying her body hurt…something hurt. … Continue reading

Disease is a Scary Word

Disease is a scary word. Especially when attached to your four year old daughter. My baby, my BABY, has Celiac Disease. That word. I hate it! Harper has been having some health issues. Nothing that seemed detrimental. Symptoms so random that I would have never put them together. Chronic diarrhea (causing accidents in my potty … Continue reading

New Obsession: MINTED

Simple. Stunning. Classic. Elegant. Whimsical. MINTED. It’s Baby Season and some of my greatest girlfriends are brand new members of The Mommahood. Eeek! Few things make me happier than witnessing a new Momma fall in to a love like no other. I recently purchased a gift for one of those new inductees and in doing … Continue reading

Praying for Babies…and College

I have a four year old who is strangely (or maybe not so strangely) obsessed with pregnancy, nursing, and all things baby. I’ve heard of this type- the woman who knew from day one that they wanted nothing more than to be a Momma. I was not that woman.  For me, that desire came like … Continue reading