The End of an Era- My Baby Turns Two

Today, my Forever Baby turns two. Which means that technically, I no longer have a “baby”.  And that’s a tough pill to swallow. Two years ago, Aaron and I welcomed our second sweet girl into this big, crazy world. We had no idea the impact that little soul would have on us all, how she … Continue reading

Renewing the Spirit When Your Hanging on by a Thread

Confession: Last week (the entire week) was one BIG Momma fail. I don’t know if it was lack of sleep, because for some unknown reason my toddler decided that waking up at 5am in party-mode for several consecutive days seemed like fun, or because I’ve yet to have a second to recover from the holiday … Continue reading

Another Mommy Fail

As I am frantically throwing the kids in the car this morning in an effort to get to work on time, Harper stops me, whining a little (who has time for whining I the morning?), “Momma, my black thing is gone”, referring to the soft pad that fits in the seat of her chair (aka … Continue reading

The Girl Who Made Me a Momma- 4 Years Later

It’s January 15th again. And once again, I am a filled with raw emotion. I can’t believe it’s been four years. I remember the day like it was yesterday. Every thought. Every fear. Every tear. How my heart nearly exploded when I first laid eyes on my daughter. I wasn’t suppose to meet her for … Continue reading

Stop The Whining- Luke 12:48

It’s been a week and two days shy of four years since I became a Momma, which means that I have fallen in love at least 1,451 times. It also means that I have changed more than 6,000 diapers, many with my eyes closed, because let’s face it; I’ve been in some state of exhaustion … Continue reading

The Me of 2013

Cheers to 2013, another blessed year!! The past twelve months have been happy (est) months. Healthy months. Busy months. We celebrated Harper’s 3rd birthday and Aniston’s 1st. We’ve had dreams come true and experienced the magic of Disney. I left the comfort of my job after seven years and began a new chapter in my … Continue reading

The Most Tender Heart I’ve Ever

In just 5 shorts weeks, Harper will be 4. I don’t even want to think about it. For some reason, the jump from 3-4 seems huge. I ask her nearly every day if she’ll stay my baby forever, and her answer is a consistent “No.” I don’t blame her. How selfish of me. At three … Continue reading

Getting to Know Me

My hopeful intention with this little blog is to provide some insight to my girls as to who their Momma really is. I hope that if there is ever a day that they are missing me, or questioning me, or questioning themselves, that they come here and read, laugh, cry, and feel like they know their Momma a little … Continue reading

Confessions From A Hot Mess

As I woke this morning in a puddle of pee (not mine, ha!), next to my three year old, in my bed, it hit me…I am One Hot Mess. I can’t for the life of me keep up with my housework. I try…I really-really try. I recently told my sister that if ever I start … Continue reading

Am I A Bad Mom Because My Kids ARE The Center of My World

I’m that Mom. The one so many others say that don’t want to be. “I don’t want to be that Mom!” I’ve heard it to many times to count. I’m okay with who I am. And I accept others for not wanting to be like me. It’s all good. Like my girl Miranda says, “It takes all kinds of … Continue reading