About a Boy


I have a boy. His name is Hudson Grady. And today he is two years old.

I prayed for this boy for years. Even before I knew he would be a reality, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. The thought of never holding him broke my heart. My nearest and dearest knew this, and probably thought I was insane, or selfish (because I had already been blessed with two daughters, two of my greatest loves) or both- insane and selfish. But for as far back as I can remember, whenever I thought of my family and my future, there was a blond haired, brown eyed baby boy (Have you seen baby pictures of me and my husband? This wasn’t a stretch, our babies would be blond haired and brown eyed).

I joked with Hudson’s teacher the other day when she once again informed me, “He is ALL boy.” (Nice way of saying what?!) that because I prayed for so hard for so long, God made Huddy with an extra dose of boy. And I believe it. Even before Mama and Dada, his first word was ball. He has been throwing balls, kicking balls, shooting balls and hitting balls, well, for as long as I can remember. And the kid is accurate.

Hudson has been my neediest kid. Mini-man. (I kid, I kid. Or do I? ;)) His sisters are putty in his tiny fat hands. He’s found a system that is nearly fail proof. It’s his waterfall scheme. Ask Dad. No? Then ask Mom. Then ask either sister, and just like that- whatever it is that his little heart is desiring is his. It’s pathetic, really. (And a little sweet.) But one tear or the extra push of those pretty puffy lips and it’s over. I (half-way) joke that he may find it difficult to marry because he’ll be hard to handle when his sisters are through with him. I know, I should really put my foot down.

Hudson also has the best laugh. And because he is the most ticklish, we can get our fix nearly any time we want. Hudson is a Mama’s boy. And a Daddy’s boy. He is fearless and outgoing. He loves his puppies. And our inflatable snowman. And corndogs. And ketchup. And trick-or-treating. And to vacuum. And ever since our shower went rogue and turned itself on during one of his baths, he now hates those.

Hudson is a joy. And he is bull-headed. And I love him infinitely.

Last night I rocked my very last one-year old. I made it a point to really soak it in. If I’m honest, most nights I’m exhausted and frazzled and busy, and I rush through the bedtime routine. But last night I took the time to enjoy it. We exchanged ear kisses- Hudson’s favorite. I sang ‘You are My Sunshine’. We sang it together. And then he serenaded me with an original. We rock-rocked (I don’t want to forget that phrase) and we snuggled…and then my typically good sleeper woke me up at 4:50am! to celebrate his birthday.

Today we celebrate our boy. Happy birthday, Hudson Grady! I pray they get happier and happier every year.



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