Dear Stay-at-Home-Momma

Dear Stay-at-Home Mom, What you do is amazing! It’s selfless, and exhausting, and thankless, and only the most rewarding job in the world. Am I right?! Then why, please tell me why, you constantly feel the need to remind the rest of us how hard you have it. And how easy those of us that … Continue reading

To Change…

Change. I am a creature of habit. I get emotionally attached. I don’t like surprises. Having a routine doesn’t bore me, I actually prefer it. I am in my comfort zone. Have been for awhile. All of which makes change a very difficult process. But, after literally years (told ya, comfort zone) of contemplating, agonizing, … Continue reading

Is That Bag Big Enough?!

I get this all the time. Mostly from men. And to answer the question, once and for all… Well yes, thank you, it is. I’m a Mom. I have to be prepared. And I have personally found it easier to carry one extra large bag, rather than a purse plus a diaper bag. I also … Continue reading