Monday’s Mission: Speak No Evil

I am always looking to be inspired. And I love when the inspiration comes out of nowhere and slaps me right in the face!

While sitting proudly in the bleachers of my high school’s football field watching my baby sister graduate, I received a dose of mom-spiration, and it came from the mouth of a man. He was honoring his own mother by awarding a very deserving student with a scholarship in her memory. As he spoke of his mother’s legacy he said this; that in all of the years that his mother was living, not once did he hear her speak ill of anyone. And it hit me. I want to be that mom. Those are the kinds of things I pray that my girls will one day say about me.

I’ve got alot of work to do, but this Monday’s Mission is to Speak No Evil. To learn to bite my tongue. To use a filter. To be an example of kindness to my sweet baby girls.


What is your Monday’s Mission???

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