Monday’s Mission: Get Certified

Fitness is my passion.

It helps to keep me healthy, and energized, and sane. I love how exercise makes me look and I love how exercise makes me feel. And even more than that, I love sharing any knowledge on the subject with others so that they might be encouraged to feel the same way. 

My Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science has long been buried under a pile of financial responsibilities, but I have recently decided to go for it. I will soon start studying for my Health Fitness Specialist Certification. No, there is no plan of a career change. Fitness is a lifestyle that I am interested in gaining knowledge on so that I am more credible when offering advice to others.

So, this Monday’s Mission??? To be a Certified Health Fitness Specialist by the end of this year.

One Response to “Monday’s Mission: Get Certified”
  1. Mikalyn says:

    Tessa! This is amazing! You are awesome! I know you can do it:-)

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