Bike, Walk, Run for a Cause: Charity Miles

“The measure of life is not it’s duration, but it’s donation.”- Peter Marshall







I just came across the most amazing free app for iPhone and Android, called Charity Miles.

It works off of your phones GPS. Charity Miles logs your biking, walking, running miles and makes monetary donations to a charity of your choosing based on the miles that you log. So not only will you be ‘running’ toward a better you, will will also be making a difference in the lives of others. How perfect is that! And on days when motivation is lacking, hopefully the thought of who your run may be benefiting besides yourself will be just the push you need.

One Response to “Bike, Walk, Run for a Cause: Charity Miles”
  1. susan @ pacifiersandfruitloops says:

    i’ve been using charity miles for a while now…i choose a different charity for every run so i can spread the love 🙂 such a great organization!

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