My Day in Food

Because I am often asked about my diet (I hate the term diet-I AM NOT ON A DIET) I have decided to randomly document my day in food. Please note that I am a creature of habit, so if you notice after a couple of these documentations that I eat the same things on a regular basis, you would be correct. I tend to go with what is convenient. See, healthy food can be convenient.  Not to mention that taking the guess work out of  each meal  makes it easier for me to stick to a clean eating plan by eliminating the constant temptations.

So here it goes…My Day in Food

Breakfast 7:00am: Protein shake made with 8oz of unsweetened almond milk ,one banana, one handful of fresh kale, 2 scoops of protien, and ice… blended

coffee with sugar free vanilla creamer and Splenda

20oz water with lemon

Snack#1 10:00am: Organic peanut butter on a piece of whole grain toast

Lunch 12:30pm: 1 packet of lemon pepper tuna, raw carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and orange bell pepper with roasted red pepper hummus

20oz water with lemon

Snack#2 2:30: 1 serving of Blue Diamond Lime ‘N Chili Almonds

Green Tea with lemon

Snack#3 4:30: 1 pear and 1 serving of plain greek yogurt with Splenda

Supper 6:30pm: 1 lean turkey patty, roasted brussel sprouts, and 1/2 steamed sweet potato

20oz of water with lemon

Snack#4 8:00pm: 4 pieces of Dove dark chocolate candy bar

**I treat myself to a few pieces of dark chocolate every night**

There you have it.

So…Apparently I ‘snack’ ALOT!

One Response to “My Day in Food”
  1. phlyfitmama says:

    I HAVE to have dark chocolate daily! Other than that, I also benefit from having a routine and knowing what healthy foods and “plan” work for me. 🙂 Nice to see other fit, healthy moms!

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