The Year of The Happy Face

**This should have been posted yesterday, but I was too busy having fun with the birthday girl**

One year ago today, after 36 hours without sleep, 24 of which I was certain I would die before ever laying eyes on my littlest girl, after vomiting until I literally had nothing left and then vomiting some more, after being admitted to labor and delivery for a “virus” and “dehydration” and then released, and then re-admitted…I finally met my Happy Face.

Aniston Paige was the most beautiful newborn I had ever laid eyes on. Yes, I am her Mother, but I honestly believe this. She was perfect! And not just because she was a c-section baby. Her delivery was a new experience for me. To have her immediately placed in my arms, to be able to hold her and kiss her and share her with our friends and family, it was magical. And introducing her to Big Sister…nothing can compare.

I am still unsure what I did to deserve such easy babies. Because it’s not fair for new parents to not experience months of sleepless nights and screaming baby, and because Harper was a breeze, I was certain that Aniston would be our test. Contrary to popular belief, you can hit the jackpot twice. Aniston has been a dream come true.

It has been an interesting year watching the relationship between Sisters develop, witnessing the differences in the personalities of my girls. Aniston is a lot like her Daddy, social and fearless.  LOUD! Very vocal. And her temper, yeah, she gets it from her Momma. She is rough and tumble, already dominating the wresting matches. She adores her puppies, bath time, eating, throwing anything and everything, and sleeping. The kid can sleep! Thirteen hours solid if I let her. Aniston is not a cuddler, and not from lack of effort on my part. She doesn’t want to be rocked to sleep. Just lay her in her bed, give her a blankie, and let her be. Harper wants so badly to snuggle her sister, to smother her in hugs and kisses, which usually leads to a wrestling match, dominated by you know who.

Aniston is our Happy Face. Always smiling, revealing that one little dimple on her right cheek. My husband once said, “If everyone smiled as much as Aniston the world would be a much better place.” Amen. She now weighs 21lbs and is 30.25inches tall. She says Dada, and Momma. She waves and blows kisses, and walks. Aniston has brought so much joy and so much laughter to us all. She is her sister’s best friend. Her Daddy’s little buddy. And her Mommy’s baby forever and ever. To know her is to love her, and boy do we!!

Happy First Birthday Baby Girl!

Aniston Paige 2/12/12

Aniston Paige 2/12/12

Sisters 2/14/12

Sisters 2/14/12

Aniston Paige 2/09/13

Aniston Paige 2/09/13

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