The Me of 2013

Cheers to 2013, another blessed year!!

The past twelve months have been happy (est) months. Healthy months. Busy months. We celebrated Harper’s 3rd birthday and Aniston’s 1st. We’ve had dreams come true and experienced the magic of Disney. I left the comfort of my job after seven years and began a new chapter in my career, and what a life lesson that entire experience has been-trust your gut, you are brave, you are worthy, God answers prayers.

Each year I am revealed more about myself and about the person I want to become.

Here’s what I learned in good ‘ol 2013…

• Not to take my health for granted.
• Two kids are definitely more challenging than one, and still I wouldn’t change it for the world.
• I have grey hair (at least one really stubborn one).
• How to make pecan pie.
• I will never know how/where to apply eyeliner. Never.
• I love to play hostess.
• Change isn’t so bad…
• New shoes don’t make me happy (Surprise 25 year old self!). A growing savings account does.
• If Warren Buffet is right, and we attract what we are, then I am a pretty decent human, because my friends are some of the most decent.
• I am not, nor should I ever be again, blond.
• How to fishtail braid.
• I like steak. Medium rare. Who knew?!
• The thought of aging doesn’t scare me. The thought of my Babes aging scares me to death.
• Disney…obsessed!
• To embrace the natural…skin tone that is.
• I can only control ME.
• I like my coffee black.
• My nearly 4 year old can out burpee me.
• I’m good at my job.
• I love antiques.
• I have my Mother’s laugh.
• Bigger is not always better and sometimes less really is more.
• To make better investments, with my time, money…
• The perfect mom, the perfect wife, she may exist, but I am not her. Big exhale… And now I can breathe!

I wish everyone a safe, happy, and blessed New Year!

Bring it on 2014!!

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