Making Up Ground

It’s a bumpy road.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog then you are aware of some recent health concerns that have not only minimized my time in the gym but also the effort in which I attack my workouts. At the request of my cardiologist I have had to decrease the intensity of my sweat sessions, and I am both surprised and not surprised at all at just how quickly I am loosing traction. I am weaker today than I was barely a month ago. I get winded more easily. I weigh 4lbs less. YES! Less…It’s called a stomach bug and muscle loss, blah! I worked so hard to relinquish the title ‘Chicken Legs’ and just like that… months of hard work wiped out by a single month of…(considered using misfortune here, but I am very fortunate. Also considered using bad health, but I consider myself to be quite healthy.) So, we will just leave it at single month.

See how that happens? Seven months of pushing myself, being beyond committed, on the verge of obsessive, and all it takes is one bad month and I find myself back at the starting line. Okay, maybe not the starting line, but I’ve taken more than just a step back. However, I am now feeling good and ready to make up ground…as soon as I’m cleared by my doctor (crossing my fingers for next week). I’m eager to finish this year strong. This year has been an amazing year for me and my family. This year God gifted me with Aniston, another reason to fight for my health. And that is what I intend on doing.

Today’s Workout

3 sets of walking lunges w/10lb db

3 sets of 20: seated calf presses at 140lb

3 sets of 12: single leg free-motion hamstring kickbacks at 17.5lbs

10 minute walk at 15% incline at level 4

The gym was unusually busy today. I would have enjoyed a little squatting action, or perhaps some deadlifts, but it would have been like battling the crazy Black Friday Mob to do so, and I will never-ever-ever voluntarily engage in that chaos.

Happy Wednesday All!

How do you plan to finish the year STRONG?

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